Advanced software for the challenges of facilities management


With only 9% of Facilities Managers utilising proper CAFM is it right for your Trust? Could it reduce your running costs or be a blow to your budget?

Advanced software for the challenges of facilities management

Tech advancement is improving a great many sectors including the Healthcare Industry and facilities management is now firmly on the list. Computer Aided FM (CAFM) is not only driving efficiencies and safety – it is streamlining costs and providing customised solutions.

The Key Benefits of CAFM Systems

Facilities Managers are often expected to foresee and prevent problems. Work can be pressured and impact Hospitals as a whole; accurate day-to-day knowledge is vital for problem prevention. Without supporting software, a Facilities Manager is operating with one hand tied behind their back. There’s no historical trend data to steer future decision-making.

Health and safety, risk assessment and enforcement, compliance, safety measures, procedures and training are at the forefront of a Facilities Manager's responsibilities. Paper files make it borderline impossible to keep and quickly access accurate records and have full visibility and tracking. The wider Trust will also suffer if the Facilities Manager doesn’t have the data readily available to show what they need in order to avoid, prevent and mitigate problems. H&S measures, practices, policies and reporting all benefit from the 360° aerial view of CAFM.

Accurate knowledge and data promote day-to-day safety and compliance and support the Facilities Manager in scheduling and managing the many tasks that keep the Hospital premises safe and in order. Specialist software underpins more and more standard business processes – and with good reason.

The right software will help you to manage:

  • Health and safety regulations and compliance.
  • Patient safety and hygiene.
  • Risk assessment and enforcement.
  • Appropriate safety measures and training.
  • Formally document and distribute policies and procedures.
  • Optimal energy efficiency and management.
  • Reduce space and maintenance costs.
  • Manage assets, equipment and liabilities.
  • Inventory and procurement.
  • Streamline work order processes.

You don’t have to rely on your memory or manual documents anymore.

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Compliance Asset tracking, recurring costs, service schedules, PPM Planning and reactive spend monitoring, vendor contracts – CAFM records, updates, schedules and manages your workload and all vital information under the facilities umbrella. Software can’t replace a Facilities Manager; it can help them though.

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